Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On the Day of Eid

It is on the day of Eid that people hug deeply and keep hatred away from their hearts. And it is on the day of Eid that some people get categorised into the group of winners. And the winners are those who carry the good deeds and endeavours they have been doing throughout the holy month until the next month of fasting that is the month of Ramadan comes in the next year. And it is on the day of Eid that I expect and do really wish to be hugged. I do not want to be forgotten when there is an Eid for me to expect wishes. I do not want to be uncertain when there is an Eid for me to be remembered. All these matter a lot for the reason that I can’t bear it to any further extend as it really hurts me. I can no longer be a gentleman, if at times ‘remain silent’ appears to be a gentleman act. I extremely expected your wishes on my birthday but you didn’t. It was much awaited and most anticipated. you used to send me birth day wishes, you used to talk to me on my birthdays, you used to give me birth day gifts and you used to make me happy. It took me twelve months to realise this piece of information that I sometimes do love someone and sometimes don’t. And this is the time when I really feel that I don’t want to be a ‘nobody’ anymore anywhere; neither on facebook nor out on the street, coffee shops, pizza huts wherever you all use to get together nowadays. I would really like to be loved as you loved me once. And what now is nothing but I really expect Eid wishes from you especially dedicated for me. But if you forget this time again, doesn’t matter, and I will never cry, but Insha Allah, I have years ahead and I will wait for certain to make sure that I am not crafty but genuine. But you can never make me a fool because of the very true reason that I am not a sinner nor a saint. And finally, you can never laugh at me for the reason that I am not mad but necessarily and genuinely sensible.

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