Saturday, 25 August 2012

Festival of colours

Tavistock Street, 22nd July 2009Another festival of colours.!! I used to collect colours. I used to touch them and often I used to feel them. But I could never make them happy. Still my habit continued to be the same, went on collecting colours and colours continued to dominate my emotions with deeply coloured reveries. I believe that the ability to see beauty in everything I wanted to be in love with has a right in itself to get them and be with them. And today here I am , watching things that hardly make any changes in my life. Everyone was making merry in the festival of colours. I said take my colours too. I gave my colours, I let them free and made them happy..!! Then I thought I could walk freely and unnoticed, because everywhere it was the festival of colours. After that it was obvious that I wanted time to pass quickly. But sadly I was strained and forced to be a witness watching the passing of every second of every hour.! Still colours were not far from my mind. For me; collecting colours was an unstoppable wave of touch and a great source of comfort. Some times I miss that touch so much. The moment I came to know that my presence has been detected and my movements are being recorded, I revealed that I am no longer collecting any colours even if I miss their touch so much. But I genuinely hope that colours are happy..!!