Sunday, 23 September 2012

Am I not courageous and strong?

Now you listen to me
I salute my blathering alter ego, who now lies buried deep,
He, who always made me fight for those who made him make me fight,
And made me strong always to win the battle of titles and love and many others. 
Now I am retired from the fear of being forgotten,
And tired of being strong, tough and courageous.
But he deserves not to be humiliated, but a decent expel,
Which perhaps serves the least dishonor..!
I fear sleepless nights adding extra hours I feel uncomfortable, lost myself in the darkness
I am not prepared sleeping with my long shadow.I guess it happens all over again, But this time it is not my friend whom I miss
I think I just miss my alter ego..!
But still I made him apart not to be disgraced.
I made him away to the place unknown.
I am not worried that you forget me
because I am no longer afraid of being forgotten..!
Now you tell me, Am I m not courageous and strong?
Now you salute me and honor me
because I deserve it for a great deal of genuine reasons.

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