Tuesday, 7 September 2010

'International Burn the Quran Day', A defiant Insult.

Terry Jones, pastor of Dove World Outreach Church in Gainesville, Florida, is planning to burn the holly Quran as part of the controversial September 11 ‘international burn the Quran day’. Terry Jones, the notorious author of ‘Islam Is of the Devil’ believes Islam is nothing but brutality and a serious threat to the globe. He says he is determined to send a message to the Muslim world that, they (Americans) are not interested in ‘sharia’ (Islamic law) by burning the Holly Quran. And Americans will not tolerate radical Islam in their country. Amid the serious criticism from Muslims around the world and U.S. officials, Terry Jones and his followers still in action to celebrate the ‘international burn the Quran day’on September the 11.

United States of America and its huge troops and armed forces deployed in the Middle East and other Islamic nations are unusually worried about the Holly Quran burning controversy, simply because they believe that the pastor is making serious threat to the US troops of Middle East in general and Afghanistan in particular. America says their government "in no way condones such acts of disrespect against the religion of Islam, and is deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups." (CNN). The US army Chief David Patrause in Afghanistan came early against the controversial burning issue and urge the authority to stop the plan.

The defiant pastor says he has not read the Quran ever and the reason why he is going to burn the holly Quran is because he dislikes the radical elements of Islam. And burning the Holly Script is a warning to Islam by sending a message that “diplomacy is not a solution always, it works only sometimes”. He is in full energy with out knowing the fact that he is going to burn a book which has some of the most beautiful verses ever about the Jesus Christ the prophet he follows. And he seeks the attention of the world to his concerns about the radical elements of Islam by Burning the Holly Quran with which the so called radical elements in no way have any obligations. And CNN observes the pastor as ‘the man behind the burning issue’ but what really matters is who is behind him. If the plan is going to happen on 11th September in Florida and the holly book of the world is going to get burned, we should reasonably expect some sort of reactions as some one is obviously going to be provoked. And what will happen subsequently is nothing but another accusation against Muslims. Even though the pastors concerns about the radical Islam should seriously be considered as even a Muslim does have concerns when his or her religion is frequently misrepresented by the separatist or extremists, still we can pursue better civilised means of protest rather than these kinds of primitive ways. Though there are a number of separatists across the globe motivated from the principles of Marxism and they are recognised as communist extremists, ‘the communist manifesto had never been burned’ to say no to the communist extremism. This makes us believe that the explicit attempts to corner Muslims under the label of extremism are a sort of deliberate bully.

What matters and worries the US army chief in Afghanistan and other government officials in Washington is not the defiance of the pastor (by declaring the burning of the Holly Quran) but the danger he makes to the army who concentrates on the ‘mission of invasion’ of Muslim countries. So the intention behind the insolence is indeed to provoke those who respect and practise Quran verses. The recently happened ‘Mexican Flag controversy’ made the authorities of Mexico reacted so quickly only because of the fact that no nation can tolerate an insult to their national symbols and nationalism. When “An American cartoonist's rendition of the Mexican flag is causing controversy south of the border, where Mexicans say it's offensive to taint their national symbol with images of drug violence”. But in 2005, a Danish newspaper published controversial cartoons depicting Islam's prophet Muhammad (PBUH); it was under freedom of expression. And the cartoonist got support and fame across the globe. How the same act of insult gets exact opposite interpretations when one of them strictly happened against Islam and Muslims. This matters necessarily a lot.

Terry Jones can burn thousands of copies and even kill those who believe in Quran and the theory of Islam. But there are millions of people who know the whole Quran by heart. So indeed the task seems to be bit difficult for the pastor and his followers to abolish the religion of Islam from the earth.

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