Friday, 22 July 2011

Birth day..!!

I don’t remember any of my birthdays celebrated with considerable amount of merry making and unforgettable partying. Instead, I do remember new fangled dresses I used to get for my birthdays, possibly a slap up meal further. When I grew up and was considered no longer as a ‘birthday boy’ on my birthdays, without getting new cloths and without having the privilege for the day, the concepts and colourful images of birth day celebrations started to fall apart. After that period of dependence, protection and wellbeing at my home, each birth day left ignored. Singing birth day song and cutting the cake became awkward..!! In schools when I share out sweets, I used to get hugs and kisses even from beautiful girls in my class, although I never wished to be hugged and kissed. Today when I grow up even if I wish to get my hands around someone, it seems odd for obvious reasons. I would say ‘things fall apart’. When I put my pen to paper I recognise all the profile images of those who made my 24th birthday a ‘hugged’ and ‘kissed’ one. More over this sliced part of dedication is certainly the reflection of the moments when I received your love and prayers that made me enormously ecstatic and blissful.

At times my little success, least concerns and slight depressions in the past would sound a hundred times louder than those at present.

And now

When I am getting older I realise the fact that I no longer deserve the unique stage in life that offers me an unconditional gift of dependence I am obligated to come out from and an exceptional reliance I am forced to walk away from; But I never refuse to grow up, because every ‘July 22nd ‘, the reminding day, is so special that I am bounded, hugged and blessed by my beloved ones. So birthday wishes and supports are so valuable for me.!! I am extremely elated and exceedingly obliged..!! Thanks to all for your love, wishes and prayers..!!

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