Sunday, 1 November 2009

Listen..., Chairman speaks… (2)

Having my say once again, including
those I forgot once…….

(presidential address)

“I, the elected Chairman of Farook College students union for the year 2007-08 solemnly swear in the name of God that, I as the Chairman of the college will discharge my duties to uphold the motto of the college…”

Mr: principal, distinguished guests for the day, Mr: C. Radhakrishnan and Mr: Madanan, Mr: N. P Hafiz Muhammad, fellow members of the union, Teachers and friends.

It fills my heart with joy, to stand before you in response to your support and love, as it is clear in your slogans even after the election result declared officially. I feel happy to be a part of what will go down to the history of our college, even if; it would be a least among its kinds. And also, it may be a coincident that, the official beginning of the union is being commissioned formally on such a very first day of a very new year. That means the freshness given by the circumstances can never be deniable, and I hope the almighty may bless for being fresh and innovative in all our united efforts ever. This year; unlike the past years, we have seen an election which held as per the guidelines set by a former chief election commissioner of our nation. That means the campus politics and the election process as a whole is being evaluated under serious concerns by the government and the judiciary, not for its merits but for its demerits. The candidates and the politicians are being marked notoriously. They often are being identified as criminals. Friends, I personally believe, that the guidelines set by the commission for the campus election are indeed a shame to the whole student’s community through out the nation. It is pathetic and at the same time an irony to know, that the qualifications to be a candidate are the basic and necessary qualifications of a ‘STUDENT’!!....

I repeat the celebrated Lingdo commission report is laughing at those who have a student label on them. I think if the commission report had intended positive attributes in its recommendations, it could been a single line suggestion; saying that the candidate should be a student!! A student is the one who should not be a criminal, a student is the one whose attendance should be above 75%, and a student is the one who should pass all the previous exams. Having such a judicial report on the dignity upon the studentship makes clear that there is a group among the students who use the campus politics as the stepping stones of the state party politics, in other words there is an active group out side the campus to use the students as their tools. So the time has come for each and every student to fight back against the enemies of the ‘studentship’ who damaged the dignity of the students beyond repair. The time has come for each and every student to identify the enemies of the students who are even labelled under the name of so called students by themselves.

Our college, the prouder Aligarh of south India, is on its 60th anniversary celebrations. I feel great proud to be a Farookian. Being here in Farook doesn’t make you a Farookian, no; nobody gathered here is a Farookian, unless otherwise they know the history of this campus. We are not Farookians until we find the 'speaking stones' and 'singing breeze' in our college. Seven decades ago this land was nothing but a ‘fox-earth’, an untouched ‘bushy hill’ and besides, the valleys, there was a community who had many things in common; scattered for something and united for nothing. They had nothing but the darkness of ignorance, when the whole world, as a result of renaissance and industrial revolution, witnessed a new mode revolution with a bunch of changes, they, the ancestors of the so called ‘Malabaries’, the uneducated ‘Mappilas’ became helpless. Friends, can you imagine a community who were marginalised in all sectors especially in education, dreamed of being a community who contribute the first educational minister of our independent nation?, friends, can you imagine a community who dreamed of being ‘somebody’ even when they were identified as ‘nobody’ in their struggling days for their existence?.... and friends, can you again imagine the struggling past of an ignorant community who become the great educational reformers of our nation, even in our state of Kerala?....the innovative leadership of Moulavi Moulana Abussabah, and his fellow members gave the community a direction, which changed their destiny, let us remember those eminent founders of our college and the leaders of our community.

Three score years later, today we have everything….our College has been identifying as one of the best colleges in India. Our college is one among those colleges awarded a five star rank, friends; be proud to be a farookian…..

three score years later, today we have everything….we have been continuing as the unbeatable power in both arts and sports festivals….friends; be proud to be a farookian. As I said early being here in Farook College doesn’t make you a farookian, studying here in Farook College doesn’t make you a Farookian, no it doesn’t make you a farookian to be enrolled here as a student. Friends; learn the history of our college, know the founders of this great campus and know the sacrifices behind each stone of this building. It is easy to be an anti farookian. Friends, let me clear one thing, there is of course a group of anti farookians enrolled in each and every year. They have something mysteriously common in them. They are a group of political workers, sometimes a group against the farookians. They have a labell of student federation…they are against all establishments. Let me clear that ‘Farookabad’ is not an establishment; it is an emotion of a community who are always in a continuous motion towards their goals. So the time has come for each and every farookian to identify those nasty anti-farookins and to fight back. If the college authorities feel that I am wrong for saying this, then let the authorities start doing their duty to identify those enemies who have been trying to keep our campus as a no peaceful campus through the media.

Friends; Just for a moment please lend your ears to those ‘koovals’, as I said this land was a ‘fox- earth’, the ancient owners of this land, we see their generations here, they are destined to howl in every festive occasions. Let them defeat by howling themselves. Now they are making the presence of their ancestors by being the howlers against us. Friends; let them howl, it will help them to keep their identity and to be identified as the anti-farookians.

I promise that, this union will be with and for those who believe themselves as the farookians and this union will be against those who act as the anti-farookians. And this union will be alert to protect our college and all farookians from the enemies of our campus, either the political enemies or the ideological enemies. We should always be truthful towards the history of our campus. We have to make sure that the history is being delivered to the next generations with all its beauties. And you have to understand one thing, misinterpretation will damage the beauty of this history, here let me say once again, the time has come for the farookians to identify some deliberate attempts to damage the beauty of our history beyond repair from several specific corners, and I suspect that there is some sort of supports are offered from the college. If again the authority of the college feel that I am wrong for saying this, then let the authorities make clear there is no such attempts. Think, how dare they are!!....

friends; we are in a world where our existence is often one knows much about their surroundings, their yesterdays, we know nothing about those who lived before us, our ancestors, we have to find out a sort of power from our yesterdays that cannot be substituted by any instant 'power boosters' prof: M.N Vijayan said once, "in our times, the children....the upcoming generation, they do drink milk every day...they do eat many diary products even frequently, they are very familiar with the sweet white milk...they even know the chemical composition and contents of the milk...but the pathetic and interesting thing is that they never know there is an animal called 'cow'., and this animal gives us milk....and they get a rare chance to see a cow......think, how ignorant our new generation is???".....
so..friends; try to know our yesterdays, our ancestors, our history...i am sure that it will help us to know ourselves...remember once again...being here in Farook College doesn't make you a be a farookian..and be proud to be a farookian....

Friends, I believe in reasons. Let me say the growing honour of our college as one of the best colleges, will continue for ever. And this time let me thank my friends for giving such a great victory for us, for giving such a great chance to lead our union. Let me thank Mr: C. Radhakrishnan and Mr: Madanan for coming here.

In all times, may the ever green achievements of our college continue forever as it happened always, may the almighty watch over our college.

Thank you.


khadeeja said...

well written and that too after a long time....i do remember some of the important parts of that speech....proud to be a farookian.....expecting the third part without much gap..

foolishgirl...... said...

when i read ur words........i became so sad...i miss a golden oppertunity in my life....i got admission our great farooq college......but my father did not allow me to study there....

harshad mt said...

@ foolish girl:
you dont have to be sad. you will never miss farook college..!!!
what you have now is a missed chance to feel a great would be more sad, if you got admission and then you stepped out...think; how lucky you are!!